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The FSU-MTA needs 100 signatures! Help Pass the Fair Share Amendment!


Dear FSU Members:

Please sign the MTA’s Fair Share Amendment Vote Pledge.   The Fair Share Amendment will create an additional tax of 4% on the portion of an individual’s income over $1 million – to be invested in public schools/colleges.  We really need this!  Details below.

Massachusetts Teachers Association: Fair Share Amendment Vote Pledge! (

To help working families and build a stronger economy for us all, we need to make sure we have quality public schools for our children, affordable public higher education, and a transportation system that works. Even before the pandemic, we needed new investments in our transportation and public education systems, and now those investments are needed more than ever to lift our economy into an equitable recovery.

For years, Massachusetts' wealthiest residents have paid a smaller share of their income in state and local taxes than any other income group. And while workers and small businesses have struggled throughout the pandemic, multi-millionaire investors have seen their net worth skyrocket! Our wealthiest residents can clearly afford to pay a little more to fund the investments we all need.

The Fair Share Amendment would amend the Massachusetts Constitution, creating an additional tax of 4 percentage points on the portion of a person’s annual income above $1 million. This new revenue would be invested into funding our public schools and colleges as well as the repair and maintenance of our roads, bridges, and public transportation infrastructure.

Do you support the Fair Share Amendment? Do you plan to vote YES in favor of passing it on the ballot in 2022? Then become an official "Fair Share Amendment Voter" by filling out the pledge!

Steve Striffler

FSU President

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