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FSU Nuts & Bolts: FSU Annual Meeting, Medical Leave Vendor, Anti Racism Grants, Computer Replacement Program and MTA Benefits Webinar


Dear Members,

The tips of my daffodils are appearing yet as a true new Englander, I know old man winter is not done with us yet. This week do enjoy the warm weather.  Hang out on the plaza and watch as people shimmy their way around the ‘do not enter’ fencing as they take a shortcut to the new parking lot. It is so nice to leave campus around 5PM and still see the sun.  

FSU Annual Meeting, April 23rd

Mark your calendar!   The FSU Annual Meeting is Tuesday, April 23rd 3:00 – 5:00PM. 

FSU Bylaws requires member notification no less than 30 days prior to the annual meeting.  This email is our formal notification to you of the annual meeting. 

In addition to learning about past year activities, the status of contract bargaining, updates on impact bargaining, we also vote to adopt the FSU annual budget.

Next week we will make a call for new business items and provide a detailed timeline of activities related to the annual meeting.

Medical Leave and Third-Party Vendor

The FSU is joining with the Classified Staff Union, Department Chair Union, and Professional Staff Union in demanding the administration impact bargain over proposed changes to the administration of employees’ medical leaves.

On February 12th union leaders received notification that the university has entered into an agreement to use a third-party vendor for the processing and management of medical leaves. The expected implementation is in April.  

We sent a formal request on February 21st to bargain the impacts of this change.  Our first meeting with the administration will take place within the next two weeks.  We will keep you updated.

Anti Racism Grants Awardees

Over the next few weeks, Nuts & Bolts will include information on events funded by the 2023-2024 Anti-Racism Grant Recipients.  This week we highlight events of two funded prrojects.

Connecting the dots between past, present, and future: Understanding oppression in the early childhood education workforce in order to re-build towards intersectional justice by Mona Abo-Zena, Serra Acar, Katie Brayden-Calias, and Da Hei Ku

The first session is Tuesday, February 27th from 4-5:30 in the Campus Center Room 3545 or join via Zoom Webinar  (contact FSU or Caroline Coscia for Zoom information)..

A Teach-In and Speak-Out For the Times: Pathways to Social Repair and Campus Transformation/ Solidarity, Healing, and Empowerment: Confronting Embodiments of Racism & Racism-Induced Weathering at UMass Boston by Suha Ballout and Patricia Krueger-Henny   

The four-part Sankofa Conversation Series begins on March 19th.  The attached flyer contains event details.  Watch this space for more details closer to each event.

Computer Replacement Policy

UMB has a new computer replacement policy. Is the speed, memory or any other functionality of the university-provided computer insufficient for your needs? Please write to

MTA Annual Meeting, April 26th and 27th

The MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates is taking place April 26-27 at the MassMutual Center in Springfield. Virtual participation is available for those who prefer that mode of attendance.

Each local is allotted delegates.  In early March we will know our allotment (usually 10 to 13). If you would like to be one of our delegates, either in person or virtual, please contact us.

What takes place at an annual meeting?  Adopt a budget, vote on bylaw changes, hear about what our state union is doing, vote for officers and executive committee members and items brought before the body by members (i.e., resolutions).

MTA Benefits: Using Your MTA Benefits Lunch & Learn Zoom Workshop: Thursday February 29 12-1pm

The Professional Staff Union is extending an invitation to FSU members to attend a webinar on MTA benefits.

Learn How to Save Money & Have More Fun Using the MTA Benefits that all dues-payers get access to. The MTA Benefits Director, Carolyn Cassiani, will give an overview of the many benefits that members enjoy. These include: discounted or free admission to many museums and cultural events; discounts on travel, insurance and legal services; counseling and support for managing student loans and mortgages.  Check out the benefits on and bring your questions on Feb. 29th.     (contact FSU or Caroline Coscia for Zoom information).


Caroline Coscia                                 

FSU President                                   

Senior Lecturer II                               

Political Science Department