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Member Information Meeting on Oct 17th- Seeking input on parking proposal


Dear Member,

This is a reminder that the FSU is holding a meeting on Tuesday, October 17th from 2PM to 3:30PM.

The purpose of the meeting is to update you on our activities along with getting your input on proposals concerning parking and transportation.

The meeting is open to all faculty members and librarians.  

Please join us in person (History Dept Conference room, McCormack Hall) or via zoom  (contact FSU or Caroline Coscia for Zoom information). 

Meeting Agenda


Activities since Spring semester

Ongoing activities

Our work with other campus unions

Transportation proposal feedback

Transportation proposal (formerly known as parking proposal)

The current parking agreements (2018) require the university to bargain with us upon the closure of the Bayside lot.  The FSU has joined with CSU, DCU and PSU as a coalition in this endeavor.

Why be in a coalition?  The current agreement parking options are aligned with our contract specifically semesters.  Joining with our sister unions broadens our options to include those on work schedules beyond the traditional semester.

The coalition submitted a proposal to administration in September 2022.  The proposal contains many items other than parking rates.  In March 2023, we received a parking rate counter.  All parties then agreed to take a hiatus while we focused on the one-year raise bargaining.  

In September, we countered the March 2023 rates with a slight rate adjustment.  The coalition is now working on expanding our proposal on MBTA subsidies, EV charging, carpooling, satellite parking, possibly joining an existing shuttle system (i.e. Longwood Medical Area Shuttle).  We need your help on these items.  

We are attaching two documents. One is our original September 2022 proposal, and the other contains both Administration's March 2023 rate response, with our September 2023 rate counter.   


Caroline Coscia                             Sana Haroon

Senior Lecturer II                          Professor

Political Science Department     History Department

President                                        Vice President