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Take action to support public higher education in Massachusetts!

Monday, March 7th

10:00 am

State House

Once a year, students, staff, faculty, and supporters from all public higher education institutions in Massachusetts gather at the State House to push for better funding.  This year you can be part of this effort in person or electronically.  On Monday, March 7th, we'll gather at the State House at 10 am to begin lobbying for well-funded, well-staffed, affordable and accessible public higher education. Lobbying will continue until 2 pm, with lunch provided; join in for as long as you can.  (You'll need to take time off from work to do this.)  If you can't come in person, call your legislators and demand better funding for public higher ed. You'll find more information at #InvestinMA and #HigherEdNotDebt.

This year's message to our representatives is:

1. Fulfill contractual obligations and freeze tuition and fees

2. Invest in our faculty and staff

3. Address mounting deferred maintenance, and

4. Commit to a plan for quality, debt-free public higher education!

If you can go to the State House on Monday, please register for the event (