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End of year news including your raises and merit

Our raises:  You should have received your cost of living raise back to May 3rd, 2015 in your last paycheck.  You will receive your merit pay hopefully in your June 19th paycheck back to May 3rd.  The university is still working on these.  We are still trying to get your full (instead of only 2 month) raises for this year. 

●  If you have not already done so, please sign the petition protesting the lack of our full salary raises this year. 

● We will be congratulating graduates at commencement but also wearing stickers protesting the lack of our full raises.  We will be handing out informational material about how our raises have not been fully paid from 7:30-9:30 am at TD Garden and making stickers available.  Let us know if you want to wear a sticker to graduation or hand out flyers.  

Health Care Premium Split:  So far, the state budget being considered does NOT increase the proportion you pay for your health insurance premiums.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Chairs were determined not eligible to be in the same bargaining unit as the FSU, but we will be organizing them in a separate unit.  To do so, we will be asking most of them to sign new cards.  Let us know if you want to help in this effort.  

Salary anomalies were finally paid. 

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members:  Please see information we sent out a few weeks ago on conversion issues to the new system.  We will be sending out another update soon. 

Research Education Support Funds:  Please send in your expenses to your Dean by June 1. 

Organizer needed: Phenom is still trying to find a faculty member or staff member who would receive a $1000 stipend from PHENOM to anchor a PHENOM chapter at UMass Boston in order to advocate for public higher education.   Please click here for more information.  This position was never filled at UMass Boston and is still open. 

It’s been my pleasure serving you this year.  Have a productive summer and also a restful summer. 

Marlene Kim

FSU President, and

Professor of Economics

For information on the FSU, links to our contract and bargaining updates, and a calendar of events, see the FSU webpage.

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