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Update: Healey Library actions needed


Dear FSU Members,

Yesterday we informed you of an email we sent to administration regarding working conditions in Healey Library.  At that time, we had received no acknowledgment or reply.

Wednesday afternoon we received a reply from Joel Posner, HR Labor Relations which is below.

We are meeting with him this afternoon.  

Thank you for supporting our librarians.


Caroline Coscia                                 Jeff Melnick 

FSU President                                   FSU Vice President 

Senior Lecturer II                              Professor 

Political Science Department         American Studies Department

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From: Joel Posner <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2022 1:16 PM

To: Caroline Coscia <>

Subject: RE: FSU: Healey Library actions needed

Thank you for your emails.

In response to your concerns expressed, facilities has lowered the temperature of the air coming from the main air handling units and the temperatures in the building are dropping.   We took approximately ten readings of the temperatures on floors 5 and 8 and they showed temperature in the mid-70s on average with a low of 71 and a high of 77. We tested approximately nine areas yesterday morning – no readings were over 75 degrees.

The archives room has its own dedicated cooling and humidity system that never gets set back.  The temps have been in the mid-60s the last three days and are currently. 

Last Friday the State of Mass elevator inspections were occurring in Healey which require shutting down each elevator one by one.  There were no entrapments that Facilities is aware.  Our elevator company confirmed there was no entrapment on Friday.  Elevator car #3 has been a chronic problem that Facilities has been working regularly on for months.  A decision was made on 8/28/22 to shut it down until its issues can be resolved.  Temporary signage is in place while permanent signage is being made.  The other three elevators are working properly. 

Facilities can provide morning readings of temperatures at 8:00am once per week. These readings will be taken in several areas of floors 5 and 8.. Please let us know if a representative of the group would like to be there so that they can use the data to respond to any heat concerns.

If you would like to meet after reviewing this information, please let me know.