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Update: Impact Bargaining and Academic Reorganization


Dear Colleagues,

We have held a preliminary conversation with Provost Berger regarding the impact of the merger of Gerontology with the Manning College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the merger of McCormack Graduate School with the College of Liberal Arts. In addition to studying the impact of academic reorganization on personnel tenure and promotion cases, we also seek to understand its impact on faculty workload and compensation. We are gathering documents and other information in consultation with administration and propose to delay the start of impact bargaining until the second week of the fall semester as we receive and review these documents.

Impact bargaining occurs when an action affects contractual issues requiring both the union and administration to meet to negotiate the impact of the action(s).

The timing of the academic reorganization is such that implementation is taking place during a period of faculty non-responsibility.  We reminded the administration of this.

We will be putting in a place a team of MGS, CLA and MCNHS faculty to join FSU leadership in impact bargaining. If you are interested in being part of the team, please contact us (please email the FSU:


Caroline Coscia                                 Sana Haroon

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