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The Point: (the Remix)


Sorry to come at you again but I realized that I advertently left one of our newest members, Professor Sana Haroon--who really does deserve an email of her own--off our first blast. Major Monday-morning apologies.

Jeff Melnick

American Studies Department

Communications Director, Faculty Staff Union Executive Committee

Greetings, Colleagues!

Safety and Covid – Week Two


Dear FSU Members,

We hope your first week of classes was productive and safe.    Several quick things:

Get Tested for Covid right on campus:  The university is not requiring Covid testing of the campus community – the kind of testing that would allow us to be better on top of any increases in Covid cases.  However, testing is available, and we encourage faculty/librarians to call the UHS testing hotline at 617-287-4355 to request a regular/weekly COVID-19 test.  The more of us who get tested the better.

The Point: Meet the ExCom!


Greetings, Colleagues!

So, first things very much first: I hope you and your loved ones are all well, in body and mind.  It has sure been a time.  I also truly hope you managed to do something restorative, inspiring, and just plain fun this summer.

Today – FSU Friday Forum and Report Unsafe Conditions


Please join us today (3:30-4:30pm) for a Week One Check-In: (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for Zoom information).

Reminder: NTT Workshop on AFRs September 13th


Dear NTT faculty,  

Our Annual Faculty Review (AFR) is due on Monday, September 20th.   For some completing the AFR is old hat, for others a new or relatively new experience.    

To assist and provide insight into the AFR process, the FSU is holding a workshop on Monday, September 13th from 3:30PM to 4:30PM in ISC 1-1400.  


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