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Call your state reps today to support budget amendments


Dear Colleague,

We hope you can help UMB by calling your state reps today to help UMB.


Ask them to co-sponsor and vote for the following amendments to the House Budget (H3800).  You can look up your Rep here.

  • Rep Tacky Chan of Quincy filed the following for the House Budget, that will not add more funds for Centers and Institutes but will ensure that $5 million are spent on these:

Amendment #1086-- Supporting the UMass Boston Centers & Institutes-- earmarks funds for those bodies, whose staff will otherwise have their time cut.

  • An amendment to increase funding for all of Massachusetts public higher education, including UMass, filed by Rep. Natalie Higgins of Leominster, adds money for higher education:

Affordable and Accessible Public Higher Education in the Commonwealth

Haven’t made calls for the Cherish Act yet?  Please do so: 

The Cherish Act (Senate Bill 741 and House Bill 1214) will infuse Higher Education in Massachusetts with $500 million/year, of which over $43 million/year will go to UMass Boston. 

Funding for higher education in Massachusetts has been cut by 31% since 2001 (after student enrollment and inflation are taken into account).  This year we have a once in a generation chance to fix this through passing the Cherish Act.  

Call your State Senator and Representative to support this Cherish Act:  Click here to find your State Senator and Representative:   

  • The following has also been filed by Rep Chan that will cut the salaries of all ‘provosts, associate provosts, deans and chancellors at UMB by 10%.’  Obviously, the administration is not happy with this, but if you are, ask them to support this as well.  Amendment #1087-- Addressing the UMass Boston Budget Deficits 


Marlene Kim

Professor, Economics

President, Faculty Staff Union

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