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November 19, 2015

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/19/15

Members Present:  John Hess  Ursula Tafe  Marlene Kim  Loan Dao  Kathy Kogan Andres Henao-Castro  Tina Mullins  Karen Suyemoto  Linda Dumas

Others  Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator   Al Leisinger, NTT Grievance Officer   Caroline Coscia, FSU NTT Grievance Officer


A. Announcements

  1. Report on retroactive Pay Party from 10/23/15- The event was a success though there were some complaints of not enough pizza.
  2. Fair Share Campaign update- MTA collected its full share of signatures. The broader coalition also collected enough signatures such that it should be sufficient to appear on the ballot.
  3. Evaluation of merit pay for NTTs- Ursula Tafe and Larry Kaye are on the NTT Merit Review Committee. They noted no systemic errors in the FY15 NTT merit awards.
  4. Organizing chairs update- We have enough for certification but will likely seek a few more as a cushion.
  5. MTA Higher Education Conference April 15-16- Let us know if you want to go.
  6. MTA Annual meeting May 13, 14.  All elected MTA offices will have contested elections.  MTA President Barbara Madeloni is being challenged by the current MTA VP. We need to fill all of our delegate entitlements for the MTA Annual Meeting (Sat 5/14, 8-11 is vote) to ensure our say in the vote. Kathy Kogan , John Hess, Linda Dumas, Ursula Tafe can go as delegates. FSU will send delegate notice to members shortly.
  7. Reports on department meetings- Need FSU members to continue to speak at dept meetings as part of FSU outreach campaign. John Hess, Al Leisinger (Tuesday and Thursday s only), Karen Suyemoto will do it next semester. There was a report on a recent visit to the Anthropology Dept monthly meeting where Karen Suyemoto and Lorenzo Nencioli spoke.

B. Business

  1. MTA Ethnic Minorities Conference (EMAC), December 4-5-  Request was sent to the Ex Com to fund an FSU NTT (Natalicia Tracy) who wishes to attend. Motion made to have FSU fund Natalicia Tracy $150 for her participation at the  2015 EMAC conference. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.


  1. FSU Treasurer- Motion made to have Steve Levine approved as FSU Treasurer for FY16 and retroactively to FY15. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.


  1. Uncollectible dues and agency fee for 2014-15- The Ex Com was presented with a list of FY15 FSU unit members who had not paid the agency fee or union dues in full and/or in total for 14-15. There was discussion of the list and what it might signify as far as the ability of the FSU to collect these dues in the future. There was also discussion of the FSU’s general dues assessment, billing, and enforcement procedures and the need to attempt collection from all members. It was noted that the Ex Com needs to approve the list of uncollectible FY15 dues and agency fee in order to comply with proper federal accounting procedures. Motion to approve the list of FY15 uncollectible dues and agency fee is made. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.


  1. FSU Elections Committee- There was discussion of the proposal (see below). Suggested changes to proposed language were made. Motion to approve FSU Elections Committee proposal as amended is made. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously (amended language to be distributed later).


  1. NTT Caucus request for funds for party- Discussion that this event needs to be coordinated with the FSU so that there is no conflict in date, on the publicity, and that the NTT caucus needs to work with the FSU on this to ensure no one makes money on it Motion to approve the earmarked expenditure of NTT Caucus monies not spent from the previously approved “up to $75.00 per meeting” for 2015-16 academic year (retroactive to September 2015) to supplement the financing of an NTT recruiting event during Spring 2016 semester is made (see proposal below) . Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.


13.Smoking Policy on campus (see previous Ex Com minutes for copy of the proposed policy)- It was noted that the other unions have agreed to race sensitivity training for enforcers (this is binding in writing but not in proposal). There was discussion of the proposal, when it would be implemented, and concerns over oversight and enforcement were expressed. It was noted that Admin did not agree to the FSU’s request for an Oversight Committee. Motion to approve the proposed UMB Smoking Policy is made. Motion is seconded. Motion approved (5 in favor, 1 opposed, 2 abstained).

C. New Business- It was noted that the new FSU newsletter is ready and that 150 hard copies were printed (will be available upon request; otherwise, only electronic version was sent to unit members). John Hess agreed to hand out hard copies to English faculty members, noting that the hard copies have been very valuable in the past in inform colleagues in his department.



 FSU Executive Committee Election Overview Spring 2016 Page 1


 Faculty Staff Union

The Faculty Staff Union (FSU) is a member driven union that represents faculty and librarians.

Executive Committee Election Process


The FSU governing body is the elected FSU Executive Committee which includes: President, Vice President, Librarian representative, four (4) Non Tenure Track Faculty representatives, two (2) Pre-Tenure Track Faculty representatives, and four (4) Tenured Faculty representatives.

(to see current members go to

The positions of President and Vice President are elected at large. The remaining eleven positions are elected (librarian, non-tenure track, pre-tenure tenure track, tenured) by their constituents only (for example, only tenured faculty vote for the tenured faculty representatives). The term of office is two years.

The election of Executive Committee members takes place in the Spring semester.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for informing members of the upcoming election and to solicit nominations for the offices up for election. The Committee shall distribute a Nomination Form to be completed by all who wish to run for office. This form allows for a nominee to submit a 150 word statement as to why he/she is running for the position. At the conclusion of the nominating period, the Committee submits the slate of candidates to the membership.

The Elections Committee is responsible for ensuring all election rules are followed to ensure a fair and just election. The Committee oversees the voting and announces the election winners.

The Nominating and Election Committees shall receive administrative assistance from FSU office personnel. This includes but not limited to sending emails to the membership.

The process to elect Executive Committee members includes: Nominating, Campaigning and Voting. Below is a timeline of these activities: Activity


Call for Nominations Announcement

 Between Thanksgiving recess and the last day of classes, the Committee shall inform all members of the upcoming elections along with the timeline and procedures.

 Two weeks prior to the nomination period, the Committee will inform members of the upcoming elections along with timeline and procedures.



 Nomination form goes on-line at start of business.

 Nominee submits completed form by 5PM on last day of nominations.

 Committee or designee will confirm receipt of Nomination form.


Two weeks


 FSU Nomination Form, Spring 2016 Election


 Faculty Staff Union

This is the official nomination form for the Spring 2016 FSU Executive Committee elections.

Executive Committee Nomination Form

Spring 2016 Election

NAME: ______________________________________________________

DEPARTMENT: _______________________________________________

TITLE: _______________________________________________________

POSITION SEEKING: _____________________________________________

(For the job description, go to )

Contact Information (for Committee use only)

Email: ____________________________________________ Telephone: _______________

Candidate Statement

A 150 word statement (maximum number ) on why you are running for this position. The statement will be distributed to all voting members.

By signing this nomination form I agree that my candidate statement (maximum 150 words) will be distributed to all voting members exactly as written above. I also agree to follow all election rules.

If I opt not to submit a candidate statement I acknowledge that no candidate statement will be accepted after submittal of this nomination form.

_________________________________ ___________________

Signature: Date:

Email the completed form as an attachment to . Include Nomination Form in the subject line. A confirmation email will be sent no later than 24 hours after submittal.


NTT Party Proposal


Motion: Move to approve the earmarked expenditure of NTT Caucus monies not spent from the previously approved “up to $75.00 per meeting” for 2015-16 academic year (retroactive to September 2015) to supplement the financing of an NTT recruiting event during Spring 2016 semester.


Rationale: At a time when the FSU has prioritized the need to increase the number of full dues-paying, active members of the bargaining unit, the ability of the NTT Caucus to organize and fund its annual spring semester recruiting event is crucial. In light of the minimal financing  available from the FSU entertainment budget for the year, this is a resource neutral means of supporting this FSU-member recruitment effort.