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Parking Update and Organizing Meeting today at noon and CAPS enrollment caps


Dear Colleague,

Today, Wednesday, Nov. 7, at 12 noon, ISC, 2nd floor, room 2003:  Want to pay $15/day to park on campus ($9/day at Bayside), $550 per semester, or the rates here for monthly passes?  (Note the rates sent on Monday were inaccurate; these are corrected here.)  Give us your thoughts on parking bargaining. If you cannot attend in person, join us via Zoom (contact FSU for details). We will hear proposals for union action, including a draft boycott pledge for the West Garage, and a call for a one-day Parking Strike sponsored by Save UMB.  We want to hear from you. Bring your energy and ideas.  Pizza will be served.

Faculty must mobilize if we are to stop this parking fee hike!

Read the awesome blog post by Assistant Professor and FSU member Manu Thakral on handicapped parking in the FSU blog here

Enrollment caps increased for CAPS: Departments and faculty, not the Administration, set enrollment caps for all courses (see the language in Article 15.4 of the contract). Unfortunately,  CAPS has automatically increased student enrollment caps for spring courses to match those of on-ground courses. Department chairs may be unaware of this or think these are mandatory increases.  They are not. Departments and faculty should be aware of these changes and that they, not the administration, are supposed to determine these.   Should you disagree with these new imposed enrollment caps, talk to your department and have them contact CAPs and change these back.  


Marlene Kim

Professor, Economics

FSU President

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