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Early Retirement Incentive, Department Chairs Unionized, and FSU Annual Meeting


NOTE: This was for the spring/summer of 2016 and is no longer being offered.

Dear Colleague,

  • The Administration will be offering an early retirement incentive for those with 32 years or more, although if you are near 32 years (such as 30 or 31), this can be negotiated.  See the attached for a draft that will be announced soon.  You will be able to receive your longevity pay when taking this offer (even though the document seems to state otherwise).
  • UMB’s Department Chairs voted to unionize as a separate bargaining unit within FSU.  Welcome to the FSU, and we look forward to working together! 
  • The FSU Annual Meeting will be Wednesday April 27 at 12 noon in the Chancellor’s Conference room. An agenda will follow next week (NOTE: only dues paying members in good standing may attend the FSU Annual Meeting)
  • Last week’s meeting hosted by the Chancellor to discuss UMass Boston’s budget issues can be seen here. The Chancellor promised another forum on budget issues. We’ll send out details when we learn more.

Hope you are having a great semester! 

Marlene Kim

FSU President