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MTA Retirement Workshops- June 16 and June 24


Dear FSU Member,

We’d like to inform you of the following retirement workshops conducted by the MTA’s retirement specialist, Ed McCourt (see his email below). These workshops are for FSU/MTA members only.


Caroline Coscia                                 Jeff Melnick

FSU President                                   FSU Vice President

Senior Lecturer II                              Professor

Political Science                                American Studies

MTA – retirement consultations


NOTE: As of today, the MTA retirement consultation appointments listed below have all been taken. More appointment dates are in the process of being scheduled. Interested FSU members should email Ed McCourt and ask to be put on a waitlist- PLEASE REPLY IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIVING AN EMAIL FROM ED. The MTA has indicated that if new appointments cannot be accomodated over the next 2 months, members will be notified in May of  additonal workshops to be scheduled in June--- FSU 3/17/21

Dear FSU Member,

Free Retirement Consultation for MTA Members


Dear FSU Members,

Town Hall on Tuesday and help pass statewide and federal aid for higher education


Dear Colleague,


I hope the end of the semester is going well for you. The FSU is organizing with the other unions on campus around the university’s planned budget cuts, working with the MTA to protect adjuncts and others at the state level, and (via the MTA) asking for more aid at the federal level to prevent budget cuts. Please join these efforts below:  


UMB budget and other news from the FSU


Dear Colleague,

We hope you are doing well and know that there is a lot going on.  We wanted to update you on the latest we have heard and know about. 


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