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Retirement counseling, travel software and a call to help our community college faculty colleagues


Dear Colleague,

I am sending to you important information and updates. 

►Retirement counseling from the MTA.  Sessions are available in their Quincy and Worcester offices to help members decide the best time to retire, determine if you have buy-back opportunities, provide information on retiree health insurance, Medicare and Social Security benefits, and answer many other questions. Please see here for more information and to schedule an appointment. 

► New Travel Reimbursement Software. Members have asked if they must use the new software to get reimbursed for travel. The Administration states that it is not mandatory to use this new software for reimbursement—you can use the paper versions instead as you have always done. Please let us know if you are being required to complete these workshops or to use the software.  Please note that you still must register with Terra Dotta to get reimbursed for travel. 

► Help Our Community College Faculty Colleagues Get Their Contract Funded! Salary increases for community college (MCCC) faculty have yet to be paid—back to 2018!   

Please call your Representative and Senator (find your legislator here Find My Legislator), introduce yourself with your job title and that you work at UMB, and urge them, on behalf of yourself supporting MCCC members, to quickly pass the final compromise version of the end of fiscal year 2019 supplemental budget, as soon as it's scheduled for a vote. This provides the money for their salary increases, back to July 1, 2018, that was ratified in June 28, 2019. 


Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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