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Advocating for Our Rights as Members
The Faculty Staff Union Exists to Promote Better Working Conditions and Protect the Wages and Rights of Our Members
Faculty Staff Union, UMass Boston
UMass Boston- Harbor Point
Speak Out Against Proposed Take-Backs!
FSU, CSU, and PSU members at the Chancellor's Office demanding that UMass pay the raises agreed to in bargaining
The Faculty Staff Union of UMass-Boston
Representing Faculty Members and Librarians at UMass Boston Since 1976.

The Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston Quinn/2/81A 100 Morrissey Blvd Boston MA 02125 617-287-6295 | 

The Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston

Welcome to the FSU Site. Here you will find important information about our union, including the contract, a list of officers and  Executive Committee members, the FSU office telephone number and our address. You will also find information about current issues.   Please be sure to check the site regularly for the most recent issues facing our unit. We also have provided links to related sites that   you may find useful for union issues and for professional activities.

Caroline Coscia, President


“You’re So Adorable”


Dear FSU Members,

Yesterday the FSU Contract Action Team hosted our first public demonstration of support for Expanded Bargaining, following a hybrid forum to discuss the status of our main table bargaining (Quick version: administration continues to insist we bargain in secret, behind-closed doors without our expanded team able to participate) and the parking bargaining we are currently engaged in as part of a coalition alongside our fellow unions PSU, CSU, and DCU.

Parking Bargaining Update


Dear Member,  

Over the past year, representatives of the Classified Staff Union (CSU), Department Chair Union (DCU), Faculty Staff Union (FSU), and Professional Staff Union (PSU), have joined in coalition to jointly bargain a new parking agreement with the university.  

The need to bargain a new parking agreement is based on the current agreements that our unions were compelled to accept over four years ago.  Those agreements require the parties meet to bargain a new agreement when the Bay Side parking lot is slated to close.    

FSU Executive Committee Meeting TODAY Tues, 3/21 3:30-5:00


Dear FSU Members,

The FSU Executive Committee is meeting TODAY Tuesday, April 11th, 3:30PM - 5:00PM.

The meeting today will be only on Zoom.  (contact FSU or Caroline Coscia for Zoom information).

In today’s meeting, we will be discussing contract negotiations, an endorsement proposal for Justice for Sayed Arif Faisal, the FSU Annual Meeting, and more. 

We hope to see you today. 

Caroline Coscia                                 

FSU Nuts & Bolts: FSU Annual Meeting, April 25th 3:30 – 5PM, Meeting Materials


Dear FSU member,  

This issue of Nuts & Bolts contains the agenda and materials for our upcoming April 25th Annual Meeting.    

FSU Annual Meeting  

The Point: UMB Should Take a Flyer on Free Speech


Subject: Posting Policies on Campus

Action Item: Download the Attached and Put it On Your Office Door

FSU Nuts & Bolts: Your Healey Library, seeking feedback. A proposed MTA Dues Increase


Dear FSU member,   

This issue of Nuts & Bolts invites you to an April 6th FSU Forum to tell us about your thoughts on the Healey Library. We are also sharing information about an MTA dues increase.    


The Point: Finally, Some Actual Points


SubjectThe refusal of UMB administrators to bargain 

Action: Write to Executive Director of Labor Relations, Mickey Gallagher 

Greetings, Colleagues: 

FSU Executive Committee Meeting tomorrow Fri, 3/31 3:00-4:00

Dear FSU Members,

The FSU Executive Committee is meeting tomorrow Friday, March 31st, 3:00PM - 4:00PM.

The meeting will be only on Zoom.  (contact FSU or Caroline Coscia for Zoom information).

In tomorrow’s meeting, we will be focusing our discussion on FSU budget planning and the FSU Annual Meeting. 

We hope to see you then. 

Caroline Coscia                                 

FSU President                                   


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